How to Create Stunning Food Photography?

Understanding the basics of excellent food photography Sydney is vital for the photographers who are looking forward to making it big in their food photography career. When it comes to creating stunning food photography, there is a great benefit in approaching your photo shoot with the “less is more” attitude. The overall aim is to go for creating minimalist food photography that leaves the biggest impression on the viewers.

If you are looking forward to creating stunning food photography, then here are some pro tips:

  • Make Use of the Freshest Ingredients: If the food that you are photographing appears wrinkled, damaged or scarred, it is only going to leave a bad impact on the final results. Take it out and go for including fresh ingredients as you would not like the viewers to feel disgusted when they are expecting something appealing gastronomically. With food photography, you are mostly taking shots up too close. Therefore, even the tiniest flaws will show up drastically. Check the flaws closely and be careful about putting the best presentable items on the platter.
  • Lighting is the Key: As far as perfect food photography is concerned, proper backlighting is the key to imparting the perfect texture to your food shots. When you go for making use of proper lighting, it can make the food appear appetizing all over naturally. This will also allow any steam to show up in the images making the food appear all the more tasty. Lighting of the food items must be done from the behind to come up with enticing food images.
  • Keep It As Simple As Possible: You do not need fancy items to make your food photography appear attractive. Take out the items that you do not need for the photography. Give away with the items on the table or platter that might seem distracting and narrow down to only a few props. If the food that has been cooked appears unattractive, you can go ahead with showing only a small portion of it. If you wish to get creative with it, make use of some exciting props & cropping skills.
  • Make Use of Simple Props with Natural Ingredients: Simple, plain cutlery, plates, and so more including the raw ingredients could make up for great extra props for your amazing food photography. Try sticking to non-patterned or designed plates & bowls such that the entire focus is on the food on it.
  • Try Showing Before & After Shots: When you go ahead with showing the steps involved in the cooking process –right from chopping to cooking the food item in the pot –it can help the viewers in understanding the food better. You can try showing one shot before & the one after the food has been cooked through the use of step by step images. This technique works great for the items which have not been cooked properly.

Make use of pro food photography skills and come up with great food photographs!

Top Wedding Photography Ideas for the Best Results

Photography can turn out to be the biggest investments on your wedding day. The role of a wedding photographer is undeniably the most vital when it comes to enhancing the overall look & feel of your big day. There are several factors that affect your wedding photography. You definitely wish to make the most of your wedding photographer’s potential.

Here are some tips to achieve the best out of your wedding photographer such that you achieve the best value for your money:

  • Buffer Your Schedule: When you fall behind your wedding photography schedule, it can turn out to be highly detrimental to the number of images that you will receive. As it can be imagined, delays can be immensely stressful. There will always be something that might come up for you to result in rearranging the plans. When you allot additional time slot for the day, you will be in a secure place in case something unforeseen happens. Makeup and hair can be notoriously time consuming and you might require additional timeframe for the same. Therefore, plan out your schedule accordingly.
  • Start Early: Time has been evident to the fact that couples who begin to get ready tends to be far later than they actually require to be. Prepare yourself for the unexpected by allowing extra time for the wedding day and its photography. The earlier you would be dressed, you can have more photographs for your special day. Start planning your wedding photography early. You will feel more relaxed and will enjoy your photography session even more.
  • Try the First Look: Everyone loves first looks. This is because they tend to be increasingly intimate & highly special for your big day. This also allows the new couple to spend some quality photography moments together on the otherwise highly hectic & busy day. First looks usually take place in a secluded area –away from the wedding guests and family members. The first look is considered the best way to leverage the full potential of your wedding photography Essex. Therefore, it is recommended that you must try out the first look to make your big day even more special.
  • Take Note of the Light: When it comes to perfect photography, good lighting is one of the most vital aspects that you need to consider. In order to make the most out of your wedding photographs, you should aim at scheduling time for special couple portraits with golden lighting all over. You must try scheduling the photo shoot hours before sunset which offers warm, amazing, and flattering photographic light. Usually, the best time for scheduling your wedding photo shoot is between the duration of the main ceremony & your reception entrance.

By far, wedding photographs are something that you will cherish for your lifetime. Therefore, everything about it needs to be extra special. By taking care of these tips, you can make the most of your wedding photographer Essex. Have a great day!

The Big Prom Dress Question – Long Dress Or Short?

Ladies, we all know that there’s one question that’ll be floating around in your minds during the process of getting your prom dress. Do you have a long dress or one which is short? We’re going to be looking at this in more detail, in the hope that we can aid you in making the best possible decision.

The Short Dress

This is something which is classy and light. The short dress is used by women who want to have some fun at their prom, as it frees up your legs for dancing and enjoying yourself. There’s no worry about tripping up on the hem of your dress, and it’s best for those people who don’t mind about showing off their legs! Plus, it’ll be good for those prom days in the gorgeous summer heat, and it also gives you the ability to show off your shoes and make them stand out.

The Long Dress

This is the kind of dress which you’ll usually see at prom. It’s long, dramatic and refined, which is perfect for a lot of ladies. There’s plenty of ways to show off your looks, however, with an open back, a slit at the front, and all kinds of other designs that will go down a treat. This is, as we say, what you’ll often see girls wear, and while it doesn’t quite offer the same freedom and flexibility, it does allow for a slightly more sophisticated photoshoot, if that’s what you’re looking for.

So Which One Do I Go For?

What type of prom dress you go for is entirely your lookout. It’ll depend a lot on the kind of person you are, and how comfortable you are with your body and your looks. Of course, a longer dress might be better if you know that it’ll be a cold day, or a shorter one if you know that you’ll be dancing along to the music and not caring what happens. But it’s always up to you. Which dress makes you feel the best? It’s all about wearing what’s comfortable for you, but also what will make you feel like the belle of the ball. Experiment with both to see what works for you, and you’re bound to come up with a winning choice in the end.

Overall, the age-old conundrum about having a long dress or a short one is entirely up to you and your preference. Obviously, there’s no right or wrong choice, and that’s part of the joy of the prom. You can pick what kind of option you want, what’ll work best for you and what you feel will make you the happiest. We encourage looking around for the right dress and trying on all kinds of different options until you hit upon the right one. Whether it’s a long dress or a short one isn’t what’s important. What’s important is that you have the best possible time at your prom and that you feel happy in what you’re wearing.

Mercedes S Class Wedding Car Fife

Colours of the Rainbow – What Should You Choose For Your Wedding Car?

When it comes to selecting a top wedding car Fife for your special day, there’s a lot of things you should consider. The make of the car, the size of the car, and the colour, which is a very important choice to make. We’re taking a look at why the colour of a wedding car is so essential for the marriage, and how you can decide what the best colour to have is. Not just that, when it comes to your wedding, a photographer like myself will be there and the car will be in several shots, therefore I always recommend making sure it is something you really like and is pristine.

So, why is the colour of the wedding car relevant?

In the past, this was not an issue that many people had to face when it came to selecting their wedding car. This is because the vehicles which were provided were historically in either black or white. However, in recent years the industry for wedding cars has begun to grow. This is a good thing because it gives people many more options, but now they have to choose the colour of their vehicle along with the other usual factors.

The colour of your wedding car is a crucial choice which needs to be made. When you have a wedding, there is usually some theme which is in place. You’ll see it in the ties and waistcoats of the groom and his groomsmen, you’ll see it in the decorations, you might even see it in the wedding dress of the bride if they’re not opting for the traditional white. Therefore, it would make sense to try and get the colour of your wedding car to match the theme you’ve got going on. However, if you’re not using a theme, then the choice isn’t obvious.

Black and white are very traditional colours and will help if you’re looking for an old fashioned idea. A gunship metal silver is also a popular choice, being quite plain and serving as a way to highlight any colour you have on your attire.

At a fundamental level, it is entirely down to what you want to do with your wedding car. If you’re into the idea of having a red sports car drop you at your marriage, then that’s what you should do. There are wedding cars available in virtually any colour now, so you can find something that works with nearly any kind of wedding you have in mind, so don’t be afraid to go for something which is somewhat different, as it is your wedding and you should feel that you’re allowed to do what you like.

Overall, the colour that you choose for your wedding car is something which should be of your choosing and something that you should be happy with. It is your wedding, and you should be entitled to have whatever colour car you think is right for the occasion, and no one else should be able to question that. Always listen to your heart when it comes to your wedding day, because you’ll only be doing this once (hopefully) in your life, so you’ve got to make it count as much as possible. As a wedding photographer, I often get asked to take photos with the wedding cars and it can be quite a length process getting the right angles and so on. I typically do a lot of work in the Fife area being in Edinburgh and Car Seekers seem to be a top wedding cars Fife provider.

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