The Big Prom Dress Question – Long Dress Or Short?

Ladies, we all know that there’s one question that’ll be floating around in your minds during the process of getting your prom dress. Do you have a long dress or one which is short? We’re going to be looking at this in more detail, in the hope that we can aid you in making the best possible decision.

The Short Dress

This is something which is classy and light. The short dress is used by women who want to have some fun at their prom, as it frees up your legs for dancing and enjoying yourself. There’s no worry about tripping up on the hem of your dress, and it’s best for those people who don’t mind about showing off their legs! Plus, it’ll be good for those prom days in the gorgeous summer heat, and it also gives you the ability to show off your shoes and make them stand out.

The Long Dress

This is the kind of dress which you’ll usually see at prom. It’s long, dramatic and refined, which is perfect for a lot of ladies. There’s plenty of ways to show off your looks, however, with an open back, a slit at the front, and all kinds of other designs that will go down a treat. This is, as we say, what you’ll often see girls wear, and while it doesn’t quite offer the same freedom and flexibility, it does allow for a slightly more sophisticated photoshoot, if that’s what you’re looking for.

So Which One Do I Go For?

What type of prom dress you go for is entirely your lookout. It’ll depend a lot on the kind of person you are, and how comfortable you are with your body and your looks. Of course, a longer dress might be better if you know that it’ll be a cold day, or a shorter one if you know that you’ll be dancing along to the music and not caring what happens. But it’s always up to you. Which dress makes you feel the best? It’s all about wearing what’s comfortable for you, but also what will make you feel like the belle of the ball. Experiment with both to see what works for you, and you’re bound to come up with a winning choice in the end.

Overall, the age-old conundrum about having a long dress or a short one is entirely up to you and your preference. Obviously, there’s no right or wrong choice, and that’s part of the joy of the prom. You can pick what kind of option you want, what’ll work best for you and what you feel will make you the happiest. We encourage looking around for the right dress and trying on all kinds of different options until you hit upon the right one. Whether it’s a long dress or a short one isn’t what’s important. What’s important is that you have the best possible time at your prom and that you feel happy in what you’re wearing.

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